'The Bachelor' Recap: Colton Underwood Left Heartbroken During Fantasy Suite Date

Towards the end of the episode, Colton is seen storming off and jumping over a fence, much to host Chris Harrison and producers' shock.

AceShowbiz - It seems like the table has turned. The new episode of "The Bachelor", which aired on March 4, saw Colton Underwood bringing the remaining ladies, Cassie Randolph, Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams, to Portugal for their Fantasy Suite Dates. This was a big deal for Colton to spend the night with three different women considering that he's a virgin.

Prior to that, Colton went on a special one-on-one date with Tayshia. They had a romantic helicopter ride before following it up with an "intimate conversations" about the hometown date from the week before. The two felt they connected both emotionally and physically with Tayshia declaring that she's officially "in love" with him.

Before going further, Tayshia opened up about her previous marriage. She told Colton that her ex-husband cheated on her. After the conversations, they decided to share a Fantasy Suite together though it was revealed they didn't have sex because Colton wasn't ready.

The next date was between Cassie and Colton. The two had fun exploring the country together and Colton used the opportunity to tell Cassie that he's "point blank" in love with her. He also told her that he might lose his virginity that night.

However, things take a surprising turn when Colton revealed he didn't receive her father's blessing to propose to her which shocked Cassie. Despite Colton assuring Cassie that none of this changes how he feels about her, she felt the pressure and went emotional. Making things complicated, Cassie's dad showed up in Portugal.

He said to his daughter that he didn't find it realistic to give Colton his blessing after a 30 minute conversation. He urged her to be honest with herself, saying that she should only accept a proposal if she’s 100% confident in the relationship. She broke down in tears. She admitted that she cared about Colton, though she wasn't sure if that was love.

Colton, who was oblivious about the whole thing, went into the nighttime portion of the date feeling confident. He told Cassie that she was "the one" and that he loved her. However, she told him that she didn't think that she was ready to accept a proposal should he propose to her.

Colton tried to convince her that he wanted her to be the one he ended up with even without an engagement. But Cassie still had her doubts, thus she decided to leave him in such a tearful goodbye.

The next thing viewers saw was Colton storming off and jumping over a fence, much to host Chris Harrison and producers' shock. Bachelor Nation have to wait another week to find out what is happening. Season finale of "The Bachelor" will air on March 11 at 8 P.M. on ABC.

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