'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Premiere Recap: New Twist Gives Eliminated Player Interesting Options
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Season 38 features 14 all-new players and 4 returning contestants who would battle against each other to take home the coveted $1 million check.

AceShowbiz - Season 38 of "Survivor", subtitled "Edge of Extinction", aired its first episode on Wednesday, February 20. The new season featured 14 all-new players and 4 returning contestants who would battle against each other to take home the coveted $1 million check.

In the new episode, which was titled "It Smells Like Success", host Jeff Probst explained that this season had a new twist, where voted out players could opt to go to for a second chance to re-enter the game. Season 37 contestant Angelina Keeley returned for the new season and was sent to the Manu (Blue) tribe alongside David. Meanwhile, Aubry and Joe were among the Kama (Yellow) tribe.

Angelina was determined to form an alliance with the goal of establishing genuine relationships with everyone. On the other hand, Wendy got real with others as she opened up about her Tourette.

Ron later found an envelope near tree mail. The envelope offered him an "Advantage Menu" that included steal a reward from the tribe, get an extra vote or get individual immunity to be announced before votes. His choice, however, would only be available up through the third tribal council.

It was then time for the first challenge. It saw the two tribes racing through an obstacle course that included ropes, balance beams, slides and a slide puzzle. The winner would be rewarded with an immunity in addition to a flint to easily start a fire back at camp.

Angelina was making a heroic effort as she tried to finish the course despite her bloody forehead after she bashed her head on the beam. After an intense battle, Kama came out as the winner.

When they got back to the camp, Reem made it clear that she wanted to vote out Angelina and Lauren for vibing too strongly with each other. Meanwhile, Keith felt like he needed to start playing for himself so he told the other tribe members about Reem's plan while trying to get Rick to go against Angelina and Lauren.

As for Wardog and David, they were comtemplating whether they had to eliminate Wendy instead. At the same time, Wendy told Reem that she was on jeopardy. Reem decided to use it as an opportunity to throw Angelina, who was injured, under the bus.

At tribal council, Jeff noticed that Reemed looked "annoyed," and the latter explained that it had something to do with the fact that her name was on the chopping block. She seemingly thought that age discrimination played a huge part of why she was up for elimination, though Wardog said that it was because Reem could be "too much." Wendy, again, jumped to Reem's defense.

After the intense argument, Jeff read the votes aloud. Reem got 4 votes, making her the first player to be voted out. While making her way out, Reem found herself in a fork in the road, giving her an option to go left and leave the game permanently or go right and get on a boat to Extinction Island. Rather unsurprisingly, Reem chose to embrace the new opportunity as she grabbed a newly lit torch and took the boat. She was the first official inhabitant of the island.

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