Producers of Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour Blame 'Unique Challenges' for Shelving
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In a statement regarding the issue, BASE Hologram spokesman explains they need to 'determine the best path to a creatively spectacular production that would properly honor' the 'Rehab' hitmaker.

AceShowbiz - An Amy Winehouse hologram tour that was planned for later this year has been shelved due to "unique challenges and sensitivities".

Experts at BASE Hologram, who are behind new shows featuring surreal images of Roy Orbison and late opera great Maria Callas, produced the new spectacular, centred around the "Rehab" singer - and her dad, Mitch Winehouse, was fully behind the project.

Reports suggested Amy's hologram would be projected on to a stage in front of a live band, and the money the singer's family received from the shows would benefit The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was established after her death in 2011, to help young people suffering with substance abuse.

Amy's dad revealed he was sold on the idea of a hologram show after checking out a similar Orbison concert in Europe, but now producers are rethinking their plans for the new tour.

"We are putting the production on hold until we determine the best path to a creatively spectacular production that would properly honour Amy's legacy at its highest calibre," a spokesman for BASE Hologram said.

It is not clear why the tour has been shelved, but Winehouse's ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was not keen on the idea, calling it nothing more than a cash grab.

"The way I feel about the actual hologram itself, it's no different to watching a video clip or listening to her music," he told "Good Morning Britain" last year, "but I object to every sort of opportunity that's been made. It seems since Amy passed away... there's been three films, a hologram tour. To me, I can't see many other reasons for this tour."

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