Meg Ryan on Relationship With John Mellencamp: We Are So Free to Have Fun

Aside from talking about John Mellencamp, the star of 'When Harry Met Sally' also opens up about her return to the romantic comedy genre with a project she hopes to direct.

AceShowbiz - Meg Ryan loves that she's "free to have fun" with musician fiance John Mellencamp.

The 57-year-old actress dated the "Jack & Diane" singer for three years until 2014, and the pair reconciled in early 2017.

Meg announced their engagement back in November (2018) with a sweet illustration of herself and the musician, 67, on Instagram, and simply captioned it: "ENGAGED!".

And the "When Harry Met Sally" actress has now confessed she feels liberated when it comes to her relationship.

"What's great about now is that John and I are so free to have fun," Meg told The New York Times Magazine. "Maybe that freedom is about being a million years old. But I sometimes think relationships are for aliens. Who does it? Who can do it? I don't know how any of us ever do."

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In @nytmag | From the late ’80s through the ’90s, @megryan shone about as brightly as any star in #Hollywood. You know about her beloved string of romantic comedies — often written by Nora Ephron, often co-starring @tomhanks. But the harsh reaction to her 2003 erotic thriller, “In the Cut,” a critical and box-office flop that was widely seen as a failed attempt to complicate her winsome image, as well as her growing frustration with fame, compelled her to step into a less public, far happier life. “I wasn’t as curious about acting as I was about other things that life can give you,” said Meg, now 57-years-old. She quietly made her directorial debut in 2015 with the World War II-era drama “Ithaca,” and last November, she became engaged to the musician @johnmellencamp. “I wanted,” she said, “to live more.” @mamadivisuals took this photo of Meg. Visit the link in our profile to read more, including 8 things we learned from David Marchese’s interview with Meg.

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The actress and director, who was previously married to actor Dennis Quaid, also revealed she's back working on a new romantic comedy, following her self-imposed retirement from Hollywood.

"(Rom-coms were) probably (my strong suit)," Meg shared. "I liked doing the alcoholic in 'When a Man Loves a Woman'; I liked doing 'In The Cut'; but I was very happy going to a set that was about: How do you find the funny thing? I like that again now, working on a romantic comedy."

However, the "Sleepless in Seattle" star will be behind the camera for her next rom-com, not in front of it.

"It's at Working Title Films. I'll just leave it at that. You feel like you're jinxing it if you're talking about it. Hopefully it's for me to direct," she explained.

"I'm aware now that romantic comedies are confections, but they have construction. There's architecture," Meg added, before admitting that Hollywood has changed. "It's not something I was aware of back then."

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