Jodie Kidd Triumphs Over Anxiety With First Runway Walk in Years

The '90s poster girl for 'heroin chic' look, who claims that pressure in the fashion industry worsened her panic attacks, kicks off London Fashion Week with a catwalk appearance on the VIN + OMI show.

AceShowbiz - Jodie Kidd has conquered her anxiety and returned to the catwalk.

The former model was one of the hottest names in fashion in the '90s, and became the poster girl for the much criticised "heroin chic," waif look.

While she has starred in the odd campaign in recent years, Kidd has mostly left modelling behind, focusing her attention on being a racing car driver instead. But on Thursday, February 14 she appeared on her first catwalk in years, walking for VIN + OMI as London Fashion Week kicked off, proving she has won her battle with anxiety.

"I would like to write about anxiety next, having suffered from it for so many years. I would like to talk about it a bit more, even though I'm not an expert therapist. Through the years of suffering I've explored different avenues," the 40-year-old told the Daily Mail.

Over the last 10 years Kidd has only made one other runway appearance, in 2015 for a charity catwalk.

And opening up further about her anxiety, she shared it doesn't revolve around modelling, but impacts her whole life in general.

"It's not performance anxiety - it's full-on anxiety," she said. "I had proper wobbles when I was in my late teens and there was a lot of pressure in the fashion industry, which made things worse."

"I had to stop. I could be backstage about to go on the catwalk, or even doing something as ordinary as the weekly shop, and I'd panic. I knew I couldn't walk down another catwalk again."

For the VIN + OMI show, Kidd modelled a number of floral embellished pieces.

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