Daniel Radcliffe Opens Up About Disastrous Matchmaking Attempt
WENN/Joseph Marzullo

Admitting that he was very unsuccessful in setting up people, the 'Miracle Workers' actor recalls the time his effort to arrange a date for the two friends backfired badly.

AceShowbiz - Daniel Radcliffe's attempt at matchmaking backfired so badly the couple he tried to set up cannot be in the same room as each other.

The actor tells WENN he got mixed signals from two pals and when he arranged a date it ended terribly.

"I was very unsuccessful," the "Harry Potter" star explains. "I got two friends together who I thought would get on really well because they both kind of like partying.

"They both got really drunk and apparently one of them got really angry and it was a disaster. I now can't socialise with those two people together ever again! That really backfired."

Radcliffe thought he'd be a natural at spotting perfect mates after becoming hooked on TV dating show "The Bachelor" - he even takes part in a fantasy league surrounding the hit series, in which viewers win points for every kiss and date night, while charting the progress of contestants each week.

"I'm not good, but it's a lot of fun," he says. "We always finish last."

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