'World War Z' Sequel Gets Shelved for Second Time in Three Years
Paramount Pictures

Budget issues have been blamed for the pulling out of the follow-up movie to Brad Pitt's 2013 zombie apocalypse thriller from Paramount Pictures' release schedule.

AceShowbiz - The sequel to Brad Pitt's zombie apocalypse thriller "World War Z 2" has been pulled from Paramount Pictures' release schedule.

The film was set to start shooting in Atlanta, Georgia this summer, but it no longer has a start date due to budget issues, according to Deadline. It is unclear if it will go back into production or be shelved permanently.

This is the second time the sequel to the 2013 movie has been shelved - in February 2017, production suffered a setback following the departure of filmmaker J.A. Bayona, who left to direct "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom".

Rumours swirled that Pitt's "Seven" and "Fight Club" director David Fincher was in talks to take on the project, and he officially signed up in April 2017.

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