Cardi B Gets Invitation to Be Guest Speaker at Iowa Democratic Event

On the seriousness of the Twitter proposal, Polk County Democrats chair Sean Bagniewski explains that the 'I Like It' hitmaker 'speaks to the new activism in the Democratic Party.'

AceShowbiz - Hip-hop star Cardi B has been invited to share her political opinions as a guest speaker at an upcoming Democratic Party event in Iowa.

The "I Like It" hitmaker recently hit headlines after speaking out against U.S. President Donald Trump amid the nation's longest-ever partial government shutdown, which forced thousands of federal employees to work without pay until a temporary deal was reached last week, ends January 25.

Cardi's outspoken nature has won her legions of fans among Democrats, and now party officials in Iowa have reached out to the rapper to have her deliver a speech at a "reception of her choice" in May, reports the Des Moines Register.

Organisers in Polk County initially extended the invitation via Twitter, but now they have made it official.

"We are definitely serious about this," Polk County Democrats chair Sean Bagniewski told the publication. "She speaks to the new activism in the Democratic Party."

The New York native has yet to respond to the offer, but Bagniewski is hopeful she will say yes.

"Stranger things have happened," he said. "It's a long shot, but a little bit of her presence would go a long way."

The mother-of-one recently suggested she would be open to addressing voters across the nation after a Twitter follower suggested she replace Trump and deliver the traditional State of the Union address.

"Why not... I get straight to the point," she joked. "Government shutdown over."

Cardi initially weighed in on the political controversy on 16 January, admitting she was "scared" about the state of the country as the shutdown entered its third week.

"Now, I know a lot of y'all don't care because y'all don't work for the government or y'all probably don't even have a job, but this s**t is really f***ing serious, bro, this s**t is crazy (sic)," she declared in an Instagram video.

"Our country is in a hellhole right now... Everybody need to take this serious," she continued. "I feel like we need to take some kind of action. I don't know what type of action, b***h, because this not what I do. B***h, I'm scared. This is crazy and I really feel bad for these people who gotta go to f***ing work to not get motherf***ing paid (sic)."

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