Debra Messing Asks Ellen DeGeneres to Be Her Matchmaker After Failing to Secure Dates
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During her appearance on the comedienne's talk show, the Emmy-winning actress reveals that 'no one has asked me on a date.'

AceShowbiz - Debra Messing wants Ellen DeGeneres to be her matchmaker. Nearly three years after her divorce from Daniel Zelman was finalized, the "Will & Grace" star stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and admitted that she has been unable to secure herself a date.

In an episode aired on Thursday, January 24, the former "Smash" actress was asked by host Ellen DeGeneres about her 2018 resolution of being open to more dating. To which, she quickly replied, "I have been open, no one has asked me on a date. Not one - zero." When quizzed further where she went for a date, she said, "Nowhere because no one's asking me anywhere."

Ellen then suggested that Debra needed to start mingling with single friends if she wanted someone to ask her on a date. Unfortunately, Debra confessed that she doesn't have any friends who are still single, before asking the 60-year-old host, "Are you good at setting people up?" When Ellen boasted she had successfully matched many people, the 50-year-old actress pitched herself in, "Think about it."

As for the criteria of her dream man, Debra mentioned, "Really smart, really funny, cares about the world." She hastily added, "That third one is really tricky." She went on to spill that she'd "rather not" date someone from the show business, but she is "open" to the possibility. Asked about age limitation, the actress claimed she is "open 10 years either way."

When Ellen tossed in the question whether or not her son would be overprotective of jealous if she eventually dates, Debra answered, "He has been begging me to go on a date. It's like, I want to give him the gift of me going on a date at this point."

Aside from talking about her dating life, Debra also breached the subject of exercise and meditation. She confessed that she did meditate "intermittently for about three weeks" using an app, but didn't continue. She also admitted that she hasn't done any exercise at all, but she did go out with her girlfriends more often.

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