Michael C. Hall to Lead in Sold-Out Broadway Musical of Skittles Super Bowl Ad

A promo video for the 30-minute show sees the former 'Dexter' star in psychiatrist's office to talk about the issue of him starring in 'Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical'.

AceShowbiz - Michael C. Hall will be starring in a live Skittles ad musical from Broadway on Super Bowl Sunday.

The former "Dexter" star has released a new one-off advertisement for the quirky project, which will hit the stage during coverage of the Super Bowl on 3 February, but won't air on TV.

The stunt features a 17-member cast in a 30-minute show called "Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical".

The show, to be held at New York's Town Hall, is already sold out.

In the first commercial advertising the show, Hall appears in his psychiatrist's office to discuss his issues with taking on the new Skittles ad role. The actor and his shrink are joined by Hall's "the living manifestation" of his anxieties in the form of a scarecrow.

As he tries to explain the concept, his doctor says, "Michael, no one here is judging you; we just think you make terrible career decisions."

As the actor states, "OK fine, I won't make the Skittles ad. I'll never make an ad again," the stage he is sitting on lights up and a theatre audience applauds his decision.

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