Fans Are Convinced Ben Higgins' New Girlfriend Is This Woman

Adding that Ben and Jessica have been dating 'about two months or so,' the insider says that 'Ben now truly is extremely happy.'

AceShowbiz - Ben Higgins is officially off the market! "The Bachelor" alum announced his new romance during the January 14 episode of "The Ben And Ashley I. Almost Famous" podcast, during which current leading man of the ABC series Colton Underwood was guesting.

He told the listeners, "I was just telling someone the other day, I've started dating again." He added, "This is big news, right?" Colton asked him if he was on a dating app, and Ben clarified that he's seeing one person in particular.

"I'm actually dating one person that we'll talk about in a couple of weeks on the podcast," Ben explained, without disclosing the identity of his new boo. "I'm excited about it."

He went on sharing about his new romance, comparing it to the one he had with "The Bachelor" finalist and ex-fiance Lauren Bushnell. "Here's the thing … 'The Bachelor' is a really great thing because it forces you to have conversations and right now, the girl that I'm talking to is long-distance," Ben said. "So we FaceTime a lot, and it feels very similar because we don't get time together. It's very intentional. It's very focused. And if we're going to spend any time with each other, it's going to be in conversation."

"She's like, the best, purest person I know, so a lot of those conversations are about our lives," he continued gushing over his new girl.

While Ben keeps his mouth shut when it comes to her name, fans, though, are convinced that the 29-year-old TV personality is currently in a long-distance relationship with a Nashville resident Jessica Clarke.

"Ben has struggled to find love for a while now," a source reveals to "It hurt him to see ex-fiance Lauren Bushnell move on so quickly and he truly struggled to make a connection like that with someone for quite some time."

"He felt he was trying everything to meet someone as it's always been really important for him to find true love again, so much so that he even turned down being 'The Bachelor' [for a second time] for that very reason," the insider goes on saying. "Ben was really focused on meeting someone naturally and in real life, constantly going out trying to meet someone. He had been expressing to friends how frustrated he was to find a girl he connected with."

Adding that Ben and Jessica have been dating "about two months or so," the insider says that "Ben now truly is extremely happy." The star reportedly "feels so excited to be with someone he really likes. He truly wants to be married and start a family sooner rather than later."

Of when Ben will go public with his new relationship, the insider notes that it may not be anytime soon. "He will start opening up about it soon, but for the time being, he’s trying to keep it a bit private," the source says.

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