Cardi B Calls Out Donald Trump for Not Paying Federal Workers: 'This Is Crazy'

Noting that it's been three weeks since the government shutdown, the 'Money' rapper expresses her solidarity with federal workers who are ordered to go back to work without getting paid.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B is getting political in her newest Instagram post to criticize President Donald Trump. Cardi B expresses her concern about the government shutdown that has lasted for three weeks and calls out POTUS for ordering federal workers back to work without pay.

"I just want to remind y'all, because it's been a little over three weeks...," she begins in the clip. "Trump is now ordering, as in summoning, federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid."

She continues saying, "Now, I don't want to hear any of y'all mothaf***as talkin' 'bout, 'Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days.' Yeah, b***h! For Healthcare! So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you b***hes could go check y'all p***y at the gynecologist with no mothaf***in' problem."

Noting how serious the situation is, she goes on a rant, "This s**t is really f***in' serious, bro. This s**t is crazy. Like, our country is in a hellhole right now. All for a f***in' wall." She says that she feels the "need to take some actions, but I don't what type of action b***h, because this not what I do."

"But, b***h I'm scared," she adds, once again stressing, "This is crazy and I really feel bad for these people that got to go f***ing work to not get mother***in' paid."

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Earlier Wednesday, January 16, Cardi blasted Trump during Instagram Live session. The 26-year-old star slammed the president for promising to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border which he knew he could not follow through.

"[You] promised these motherf***ers something that you know you couldn't do. You promised these f***ing racist rednecks that you was gonna build the wall, but you know that was impossible," Cardi said. "But they voted for you and you promised them this s**t so now you have to do it."

The "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker also dubbed Trump a "clout chaser," explaining, "He's like one of these new rap artists - they follow, they do the most for clout. And Trump wants that." She continued, "Some people can have money, all the power in the world, but they really want that fame. His legacy, he wants to go down as that bad person."

She went on accusing Trump of trying to get validity from minority communities, saying, "Trump has begged... I be knowing 'cause y'all not in the scene, but Trump wants to be cool with basketball teams, football teams and black people. He wants to be cool with them. He wants validation from what's popping right now."

Cardi was likely referencing to Trump inviting the Clemson University football team to the White House after winning the national championship. The president treated the athletes to fast food for during their visit.

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