Michael B. Jordan Left Inspired by Hometown High School After Surprise Mentoring Visit

Supporting Coach's Dream It Real campaign, the 'Black Panther' star sets aside some of his time to meet with Barringer High School students who are enrolled in the Future Project.

AceShowbiz - Actor Michael B. Jordan returned to his native Newark, New Jersey on Friday, January 11 to surprise high school students as part of a mentorship programme.

The "Black Panther" star stopped by Barringer High School and met with youngsters enrolled in the Future Project, a programme which aims to empower students through the arts.

The visit tied in with Jordan's new role as a global Coach ambassador, through which he supports the fashion brand's Dream It Real campaign, which supports youths aspiring to pursue careers in the arts, and he used his time back at school to help stage a variety event, called the Passion Show.

"To see these kids get up here and be fearless and just kind of, you know... just put themselves out there, I got inspired again... I got the chills," he told U.S. breakfast show "Good Morning America".

"Dreams are so important," the actor continued. "The arts manifest those emotions. They manifest... those dreams."

"You cut the arts out, you're cutting kids' ability... to dream."

And Jordan hopes to be working alongside some of the aspiring artists in the years to come: "Hopefully I'm going to give 'em a job in the next five, 10 years," he smiled.

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