BTS Label's New Boyband TXT Already Steals People's Heart - Meet the First Member!

Big Hit Entertainment shares an introductory clip of the first member Yeonjun, who is described as a '19-year-old member with outstanding dancing skills.'

AceShowbiz - A new boy group from Big Hit Entertainment, the label behind BTS (Bangtan Boys), is coming soon. After teasing the news through social media post, the talent agency has finally revealed the name of its new boyband, TXT, which stands for "Tomorrow by Together". The first member, Yeonjun, was introduced through a video entitled "What Do You Do?" on Thursday, January 10.

In the clip, the young boy is seen playing around on his own in an arcade and a computer cafe. One scene shows him eating a cup of noodle in front of a computer, while another scene shows him getting trapped inside a crane game. At one point during the clip, Yeonjun moves to a karaoke booth as he sings his heart out along with a teddy bear company. The video ends with a blank screen as Morse code is heard. Fans quickly decoded to translate into the world, "Dreaming,"

Along with the introductory clip, Big Hit Entertainment also shared a couple images of Yeonjun as well as a statement regarding the new group. "TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a bright and youthful boyband where each member is different from one another, shining in their own way to create a synergy. Just as how their name suggests, the different members have all come together under one dream in hopes of building a new tomorrow."

Talking about the first member, the company described him as a "19-year-old member with outstanding dancing skills." He is revealed as the eldest member of TXT. There is still no word on how many members TXT will have in total, but it is said that five seems to be target number.

Shortly after the announcement, TXT began trending on social media with the first video garnering more than 5 million views less than 24 hours after its release. K-Pop fans have flooded the comment section with messages of support in addition to gushing over Yeonjun whom many deem "cute" and "adorable."

"Hey yeonjun? You look really good. Your visuals are a stunner and im really looking forward on what you have in store for us. Im sure you worked and trained hard for this, so congratulations -- because you finally made it," one fan said. "Yeonjun only the first member and already out here stealing hearts," another said, while one other simply said that s/he is "excited for this new group."

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