The four-minute clip, which was directed by Bouha Kazmi, narrates the romance between two people which is plagued by the hardship of war.

AceShowbiz - Another song from Zayn Malik's sophomore album "Icarus Falls" has gotten a music video treatment. On Wednesday, January 9, the British singer unearthed the visuals for his single "Satisfaction" which was directed by Bouha Kazmi.

The four-minute clip narrates the romance between two people which is plagued by the hardship of war. It opens with a quote which read, "Until the flower of this love has blossomed this heart won't be at peace," which is a reference to his debut album "Mind of Mine". Fans of Zayn may have recognized it as the line which he sang on "Flower", the interlude of the first album.

The next scene shows a black man carrying his girlfriend through a burning landscape of their home as he reminisces about the time they spent together. While the girl gets a proper funeral in her hometown, the man decides to go back home before eventually dying at the end of the music video. Zayn only appears for a brief cameo, singing, "Nobody said that you would leave me/ Nobody says that in this dark/ Somebody told me about tomorrow/ And my soul's not hollow."

"Icarus Falls" hit the stores on December 14, 2018 after a year of postponement. Speaking about why the album was delayed, the former One Direction member said, "Every day I find another song that I'm swapping out with another one. That's why the album date hasn't really come yet. Even though the album is pretty much there, and I have the material, I'm still changing things here and there."

His hard work fortunately was paid off as the album received generally favorable reviews from music critics. Entertainment Tonight called it "one of the best records of the year," while Madison Spira of Who stated that it was "different to anything we've seen from Zayn before, and that's what makes this album so beautiful."

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