Manson Family Follower Gets Parole Recommendation After 18 Denials

Lawyer for Bobby Beausoleil, who has served nearly 50 years behind bars for Gary Hinman murder, claims that the former music teacher is not the same person he was in 1969.

AceShowbiz - Manson Family cult killer Bobby Beausoleil has been recommended for parole after serving almost 50 years for the 1969 murder of Gary Hinman.

The 71-year-old was initially sentenced to death in 1970. The sentence was later muted to a life sentence.

Beausoleil's request for parole has previously been denied 18 times, but a California parole board has recommended his release.

Beausoleil is currently being held at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville.

Incoming California Governor Gavin Newsom will now evaluate the former music teacher's case.

"As far as I'm concerned, he should have been recommended for parole decades ago," Beausoleil's lawyer Jason Campbell says. "Under California standards, all that matters is whether they are currently dangerous. I don't think that by any definition I can imagine, that he is currently dangerous."

"Bobby has consistently expressed deep remorse. He's not the same person he was in 1969. He's a much more thoughtful and gentle and compassionate person than he was as a 20-year-old kid who murdered someone."

Governor Newsom's decision will come as Quentin Tarantino completes work on "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", which chronicles the 1969 killing spree carried out by the late Charles Manson and his followers.

Fellow Manson Family members Bruce Davis and Leslie Van Houten are also scheduled for new parole hearings in 2019.

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