'Survivor: David vs. Goliath' Finale Recap: Who Wins Season 37?

In the season 37 finale, Kara, Angelina, Davie, Nick, Mike and Alison are all vying for the $1 million grand prize.

AceShowbiz - "Survivor: David vs. Goliath" aired its finale on December 19, featuring its six remaining contestants fighting each other to get the winning title. In the season 37 finale, Kara, Angelina, Davie, Nick, Mike and Alison were all vying for the $1 million grand prize in the episode that was appropriately titled "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility".

After Nick and Davie played theirs at the last tribal, the search was on for hidden immunity idols. Angelina got the clue first, and she tried to get the idol secretly. But she failed to do so in the first attempt.

In the next challenge, the winner was granted with immunity and reward. The six players were asked to get through a series of obstacle before building a staircase puzzle. Nick came out as the winner and earned himself the immunity win which secured him a spot in the final five. For the reward, he picked Angelina and Mike as the contestants who could eat with him.

As the reward challenge took place at the well, which was where the idol was hidden, Angelina told Nick and Mike about the clue, hoping for some help. She eventually managed to find the idol with the help of Mike. Meanwhile, Alison asked Angelina to give her chance to stay because the former was aware that she might be the next contestant to be voted out.

Angelina and Nick had always wanted to eliminate Alison, but Mike targeted Davie instead. Kara appeared to agree with Mike, making Angelina be a big decision maker. She eventually went with Mike's plan and Davie was eliminated. As he left, Davie vowed he would vote the mastermind of his elimination.

Later at the immunity challenge, the last five players had to fill a chute up with water on a shaky perch in the middle of the ocean. They then received their puzzle pieces and built the puzzle on land. Nick won the challenge and was given a spot in final four.

Angelina planed to make a statement to the jury by convincing Alison and Kara to vote for her. With that, she could play the idol and stand out in front of the jury. Her plan worked and Alison was voted out.

Fans of "Survivor" might be familiar with the final immunity challenge, which saw the players following a ball through a maze and catching it before it hits the ground. They had to add more balls to the mix throughout the challenge. Nick won the challenge and that meant he won three challenges in a row. He got to pick one contestant who would be against him in the final tribal while the other two had to fight for the final spot. Nick chose Angelina, and they were joined by Mike who beat Kara in the fire-making challenge.

Later, the final decision of the winner of this season was in the jury's hands. Each player had a lot to say as the jury threw some accusations against them. Finally, host Jeff Probst revealed the vote results. The winner of season 37 of "Survivor" is Nick! Congratulations!

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