The untitled project itself will be the first movie to recount the disgraced producer's bad behavior, and has Kitty Green serving as writer and director.

AceShowbiz - "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" actress Julia Garner is in talks to play one of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's assistants in a new film.

The rising star, who has also appeared in TV hits "Ozark", "The Americans" and "Dirty John", is write-director Kitty Green's pick to lead her untitled new film.

Green has spent over a year researching public records and documents and conducting interviews to research the project, which will be the first film to chronicle the producer's bad behaviour, which led to his downfall following the publication of exposes which detailed his alleged sexual misconduct and abuse.

"Brokeback Mountain" producer James Schamus, who will oversee the new film, tells Deadline, "Kitty Green understands that the exercise of corporate bureaucratic power, so often structured against women and insidiously mobilised without fanfare against a vulnerable workforce, is its own kind of horror, and to understand fully Harvey Weinstein's depredations requires knowing the setting that made them possible to continue for so long."

"In doing so, Kitty is creating a cinematic experience like no other before it."

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