Watch Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini Fight Over Dining Bills

When asked who usually pays the bill when they hang out together, both actress insist that they are the one who does it more often.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lopez and her best pal Leah Remini fell out during a TV chat over the weekend when the pair was asked who picks up the tab when the two friends are dining.

Promoting their new movie "Second Act" during an interview on Access Live, J.Lo was asked who pays the bill when she and Leah go out and the singer responded, "Me", prompting her pal, who was standing just off camera to jump in to protest.

"Not true, when it's like a 100 people you do, but when it's just me and you... Bulls**t Jennifer," Remini said.

The friendly banter continued as Lopez responded, "She picks up the cheap cheques and I pick up the expensive cheques!"

Chuckling Leah added, "I take her to (steak house) Mastros, I take her to sushi and she never has her credit card on her, conveniently."

The two pals later fell out over "Sex and the City" when interviewer Kit Hoover told Lopez that Leah had suggested the singer and actress would be Kristin Davis' character Charlotte York if the show was recast with them involved.

"How am I Kristin Davis?" laughing Lopez declared. "Leah's the slutty one (Samantha Jones). I'm the fashionable one. I'm not the WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) who went to the private school. That's not me."

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