Dolph Lundgren Explains Why He Has Utmost Respect for Superhero Movie Stuntman
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The actor playing King Nereus in 'Aquaman' opens up about the difficulties he faced when shooting scenes while dangling from wires 40 feet in the air for the Jason Momoa-starring film.

AceShowbiz - "Aquaman" star Dolph Lundgren has the utmost respect for superhero movie stuntman because their jobs are really difficult.

In the new blockbuster, the "Rocky IV" actor plays King Nereus, the father of Amber Heard's character Mera, and spent much of his time on set in Australia dangling from wires to make it appear he was travelling through water. The whole experience gave Dolph a new appreciation for the hard work that goes into shooting superhero movies.

"It's called 'dry for wet', meaning you shoot everything on a blue screen and you have all these wires 40 feet in the air conducting scenes and actions and you really look up to people who do these superhero movies because it's really difficult," he explains.

He then joked about how the harness would become quite uncomfortable after a while.

"The more you weigh, the more the harness pulls in certain areas of the male anatomy so after about four/five hours, you're ready to come down," he joked.

The actor isn't the only one praising the stunt crew on the film - Jason Momoa, who leads as Aquaman, refused to take credit for doing most of the stunts himself, and Patrick Wilson, who plays Aquaman's brother Orm, admits it was "the most physically exhausted movie I've ever done."

"Aquaman", which also stars Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe, hits cinemas from December 21, 2018.

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