Daughter of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Writer on Radio Ban: It's Bill Cosby's Fault
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Susan Loesser says that the disgraced comedian 'ruined' the song because she hears people calling the song 'date rape' anthem all the time after he was accused of drugging women.

AceShowbiz - The daughter of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" writer Frank Loesser has broken her silence after the Christmas classic was banned from several radio stations due to its lyrics. In an unexpected turn of events, Susan Loesser put the blame on Bill Cosby, who is accused of numerous sexual harassment, for turning the song into something fiendish.

"Bill Cosby ruined it for everybody," the 74-year-old author told NBC News on Thursday, December 6. "Way before #MeToo, I would hear from time to time people call it a date rape song. I would get annoyed because it's a song my father wrote for him and my mother to sing at parties. But ever since Cosby was accused of drugging women, I hear the date rape thing all the time."

When asked how her father would react to his song being banned from radio station, Susan firmly replied that her late father "would be furious." Referring to the song's line "What's in the drink?", which many deemed very problematic, she said, "People used to say, 'What's in this drink' as a joke. You know, this drink is going straight to my head so what's in this drink? Back then it didn't mean you drugged me."

"It was a different time," she added. "Flirting was a whole different thing back then. It was 1944 and my father wrote it because when he and my mom had parties where everybody had to have an act to entertain the guest."

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" was pulled from several radio stations after listeners complained and deemed the song problematic as it tells the story of a man pulling out all the stops to try to get his female companion to stay the night. Some even called it a "date rape" anthem due to the "What's in the drink?" line. They thought that the man might have put something in her drink to make her stay the night.

However, not a few were angered by the decision as they took to social media to explain how ridiculous it was. "This is so ridiculous. It's a song. A poem. Open to interpretation. This is getting out of control. Sensitive babies," one said.

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