Being the first celebrity to work with the rum company, the 'Creed II' star gushes that he feels lucky to be able to work on the project that values 'family, history and heritage.'

AceShowbiz - Michael B. Jordan has taken on the director's role for a new short film project with bosses at liquor company Bacardi.

"The Angels' Share" will serve as the official campaign for Bacardi's new Premium Collection and the "Black Panther" star is the first celebrity to work with rum brand bosses on a project.

The short film, which was co-directed by Paul Hunter, was shot last month and centres on characters telling stories about the angels share myth, which supposedly occurs when the liquid evaporates while the rum ages in the barrel - and goes to the spirits in the sky. Jordan explains he got involved with Bacardi because of his family's long history with rum.

"My grandmother used to cook with Bacardi Gold and used to make rum cake all the time, especially around this time of year," he tells Variety. "It was a big thing for the holidays, and she had a homemade recipe that was epic. One of the things about rum too, is that it withstands the test of time; it's timeless, and those are the things I care about..."

"This commercial shows the journey of rum and how it travels from the barrel to the community, getting back to the heart and foundation of where the Bacardi brand started..." he adds.

Michael was also thrilled he was able to work on the short film because it fit the types of projects he wants to be developing.

"I'm starting to find myself more comfortable behind the camera," he says. "I'm so lucky that I'm being afforded opportunities and able to put my fingerprints on something not just in front of the camera. I value things like family, history and heritage, so these are the types of projects I want to be working on..."

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