5 Seconds of Summer Dragged on Social Media for Their 'Disgusting' American Accent

The Australian band's accent during their acceptance speech at the 2018 ARIA Awards has caught people's attention in a bad way.

AceShowbiz - Having been promoting in several other countries, it is only natural for 5 Seconds of Summer, who is originally from Australia, to adapt different accents. However, many actually find the band's American accent so strange that they feel the need to drag them down for it.

It all started after 5SOS took the stage at the 2018 ARIA Awards on Wednesday, November 28 to receive their trophy for Best Group. "We would not be standing here if our fans didn't vote for this so it's for them," lead guitarist Michael Clifford said with a noticeably strong American accent. As sweet as their acceptance speech might be, their accent particularly caught people's attention in a bad way.

"What's with 5sos accent, c'mon boys you've spent like 5 seconds in USA now you're morphing into an American accent," one wrote on Twitter, while another simply dubbed it "cringy and disgusting." One other expressed his/her sadness after "hearing how american they sound now."

"Hey 5SOS you've lost your Aussie accent. Not cool!!! As Kasey Chambers said... be true to yourself and NO BULLS**T!!" another individual tweeted. "What the f**k is that accent #5sos Australians that lose their accents after 2 minutes on the US!!!! F**k off," one person said.

While the four-piece band themselves haven't responded to the criticism, some of their fans have come to their defense, explaining how easy people can pick up an accent if they live in a country for long enough. "Imagine being australian living in LA surrounded only by american people and losing all your aussie accent bc of that lmao ootibway will never understand it," one fan tweeted.

Michael previously opened up about their American accent in an interview. "You know what I unfortunately am, and I think all of us kind of have to chameleon a little bit into other accents," he explained. "If anyone from Australia has traveled overseas, no one knows what the f**k we're talking about, so you have to change your accent and you have to adapt."

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