Tessa Thompson Finds Hungry Michael B. Jordan Really Irritable

Although she has to deal with her co-star's moodswings on the set of 'Creed II', the 'Westworld' star couldn't help but admire his dedication to stay in shape throughout filming.

AceShowbiz - Tessa Thompson had no problems with "Creed II" co-star Michael B. Jordan's moodswings on set, because she knew he was hungry all the time.

The actress was amazed by the efforts her movie love interest made to stay ripped and in shape throughout the filming of the boxing sequel, but hunger made him "really angry".

"I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this, but he's really irritable when he hasn't eaten," Tessa tells Elle.com. "He gets really angry. It's not just sort of like, 'OK, get him a sandwich'."

"I think it might have also been exacerbated by (the fact that) when he's training, there's certain days where he wouldn't drink water all day and he was going through very intense training. So he was allowed some irritable days."

Thompson admits she was also impressed with the amount of junk food Jordan could gobble up during his "cheat days".

"When he's having a cheat day, he really goes in and it feels like being at a college dorm room, but a really nice one, where the kid has a lot of money, because he just has everything from Chinese food to pizza. Every kind of junk cuisine he'd want. He's in basketball shorts just gorging himself. But he only had a couple of those days, so he's allowed (to do that)."

Tessa, who plays the wife of Michael's character in the film, is thrilled with the finished product, heaping praise on director Steven Caple, Jr. for resisting the urge to make her Bianca a supporting role.

"I had some measure of hesitation when I knew that she was going to be pregnant (in the film), and some worry that she might end up being the dutiful wife. I expressed those concerns to Steven Caple, Jr, our fantastic director, and those concerns made it into the movie - when she says to him, 'I'm not gonna be this barefoot wife making you sandwiches'. That was literally something I expressed to Mike and to Steven and they were like, 'Let's put it in the movie'."

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