Michael B. Jordan Surprises Teen Super Fan by Inviting Her to 'Creed II' Set

Audeva Agyeman was actually invited to the set in Aston, Pennsylvania as part of a bogus 'superfan' project, but she realized she was the only fan there.

AceShowbiz - Michael B. Jordan stunned a superfan who took a cardboard cut-out of the star to prom by inviting her to join him on the set of the Creed II.

Teenager Audeva Agyeman hit the headlines earlier this year when she showed up to her big high school dance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a life-size image of the Black Panther villain after friends let her down and left her without a date.

"My options were Chance the Rapper or Michael B Jordan because both are fine," the 17-year-old said. "I think the main reason I opted for Michael is because of his recent rise up because of Black Panther. But don’t get it twisted, I loved him way back".

She let all her friends know she was bringing someone very special to the prom, and her cardboard cut-out was a big hit.

News of her 'date' reached Jordan, who tweeted out a shot of his superfan at her prom, adding, "This is called commitment!".

The actor has now surprised the teen by bringing her to the set of his latest film.

"Honestly, I had no idea when I went to the set I was going to meet him and it goes down as one of the best days in my life," Agyeman told HuffPost via Twitter.

She was actually invited to the Creed 2 set in Aston, Pennsylvania as part of a bogus 'superfan' project, but when she arrived, she quickly realised she was the only devotee there.

"They picked me up from my house and a 2 hour drive later and I'm being interviewed next thing I know I'm screaming because Michael B Jordan was standing right behind me the whole time," Agyeman said. "I was so confused and I told the people 'YOU GUYS TRICKED ME' and they all laughed".

But she admits her meeting with Michael was a blur because "I was drawing blanks staring at him".

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