Watch: Russell Crowe Pokes Fun at His Missing Jockstrap in TV Skit

The 'Cinderella Man' star makes a cameo appearance in a spoof trailer of 'The Wax and the Furious' that features Armie Hammer and the waxworks of five former U.S. Presidents.

AceShowbiz - Russell Crowe has made a cameo in a TV skit about his missing jockstrap.

Comedian John Oliver purchased the odd memorabilia item among other keepsakes at Crowe's divorce auction earlier this year and donated the goods to one of the last remaining Blockbuster video stores in the U.S. - in a bid to keep it open.

The store, in Alaska, closed earlier this year and all the auction items Oliver donated were shipped to America's very last Blockbuster in Oregon - but the jockstrap went missing en route and now appears to have disappeared completed.

In the season finale of his "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" show, the Brit confessed he had no idea where the missing jockstrap was - but he had his suspicions, which were made clear in an end-of-show sketch, starring Armie Hammer and waxworks of five former U.S. Presidents Oliver purchased for the finale skit in 2017.

The sextet appeared in action scenes for the trailer of fictitious movie "The Wax & the Furious", as they attempted to track down the jockstrap Crowe wore as boxer James Braddock in 2005's "Cinderella Man".

The skit ended with Hammer musing about the man behind the missing leather item as Crowe then appeared in an office chair, holding a jockstrap that resembled the missing one and muttering, "Hello my pretty, I've missed you. Welcome home."

The fun-loving "Gladiator" star has been following Oliver's auction items haul, donating the money the comedian handed over for the keepsakes to fund the John Oliver Chlamydia Ward at the Australia Zoo.

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