From Martha Stewart to Tiger Woods, These Celebrities' Thanksgiving Turned Disastrous

Whether it's common cooking mishap or harmful incident, these famous people suffered misfortunes that ruined the day when they should have been counting their blessings.

AceShowbiz - Thanksgiving is all about togetherness. Whether it's just a simple gathering or a full-on feast, people spend the day with their loved ones in warmth and cheerfulness that beat the breezing winds of winter and ease all stresses. But even after so much preparation to make sure the house is beautifully decorated and the plates are nicely arranged, more often than not things don't go according to the plan.

The celebrities listed in this article had firsthand experience of disasters during the holiday period. Some incidents caused them to lose their appetites, some others were quite harmful, and a few left a long-lasting impact on one's life. As we look forward to this year's Thanksgiving, let's learn from these stars' experiences to avoid such things from happening to you and your family.

1. Tiger Woods: Car Crash

Tiger Woods: Car Crash

2009 Thanksgiving weekend was perhaps the worst holiday for Tiger Woods. Just days before the festivity, the pro golfer had his affair with Rachel Uchitel exposed. His bad luck continued to the early hours of Black Friday, when he crashed his car into a tree in front of his house in Florida. He was taken to a local hospital in "serious condition" with facial lacerations. There were rumors that it was a case of domestic violence where his then-wife Elin Nordegren allegedly hit him with a golf club after learning about his extramarital affair, but he repeatedly denied it. Still, the damage had been done. Tiger and Elin eventually chose divorce in August 2010 after seven years of marriage.

2. Kelly Ripa: Half Raw Turkey

Kelly Ripa: Half Raw Turkey

Kelly Ripa's blunder showed that sometimes good intention isn't enough. The "Live with Kelly and Ryan" host used to welcome people who were stranded to her and husband Mark Consuelos' house. However, one major cooking fail compelled her to stop the decade-long tradition in favor of a safer choice. "The back half of our oven wasn't working, so we had half a raw turkey, half a dry turkey," she recalled how she wasn't able to serve proper meal for the guests. Following the cooking fiasco, she now preferred to show up "like an honored guest" instead of playing host.

3. Sarah Silverman: Traumatizing Turkey Slaughter

Sarah Silverman: Traumatizing Turkey Slaughter

One Thanksgiving memory from her childhood robbed Sarah Silverman of her innocence. The Emmy-nominated comedian recalled in a 2009 interview with Marie Claire that when she was "9 or 10 years old," her father took her to a neighboring farm where she witnessed a turkey slaughter. "Vic [the farmer] had grabbed the turkey by the neck and slit [the animal's] throat. Blood and feathers went flying. I had sentenced that turkey to death! Up until then, I didn't know where meat came from," she shared. Upon learning how cruel the holiday could be for turkeys, Sarah gave up meat altogether and chose to be a vegetarian ever since.

4. Martha Stewart: Smokey House

Martha Stewart: Smokey House
WENN/Brian To

Before she cemented her name as domestic goddess in many American households, Martha Stewart was as clumsy as most rookie party hosts. The lifestyle expert and cooking pro filled her house with smoke on one particular Thanksgiving decades ago. In a piece for the Daily Mail, she wrote how she burned her turkey when she was a newlywed. "Weary and bleary-eyed at 3:00 A.M. on Thanksgiving Day, I turned on the oven, stuffed the turkey, and struggled to get the enormous bird into the electric oven by 3:45," she reminisced. "I went back to sleep only to awake to a house full of black smoke - the turkey was burning." Having invited her guests for a 1 P.M. gathering, Martha had to buy a new turkey and prepared it again for a 7 P.M. dinner.

5. Retta: Food-Devouring Stranger

Retta: Food-Devouring Stranger
WENN/Brian To

There would never be too much food for a big family, but a particularly greedy guest ruined Retta's Thanksgiving dinner. The stand-up comedian/actress revealed that one time a "random dude" who came with her cousin ate "the entire tray of Red Snapper" that her mom prepared for around 20-30 guests. Making matter worse, her father would only eat fish on the big holidays for an unknown reason. "Ever since then, my mom prepares two red snappers so my dad isn't forced to choke someone out at Thanksgiving," she shared.

6. Andrew Zimmern: Swapped Sauce

Andrew Zimmern: Swapped Sauce
WENN/Ivan Nikolov

Cold got the better of Andrew Zimmern one Thanksgiving day. The illness caused him to lose his sense of smelling which undeniably is one of a chef's biggest treasures, and that spelled disaster. The "Bizarre Foods America" host recalled in an interview the one time his sick-self chose the wrong ingredient when attempting to make molasses cakes for Thanksgiving. "I made molasses cakes and grabbed a jar from the cupboard. I was nursing a cold and couldn't smell the homemade fish sauce caramel I had grabbed by accident," he said. And as anyone could predict, the result was "awful."

7. Guy Fieri: Fireball Turkey

Guy Fieri: Fireball Turkey

Think twice before you experiment with your dishes on Thanksgiving! Guy Fieri set a perfect example of how one creative idea could turn catastrophic without enough practice. "Before it was popular, I attempted to deep fry a turkey in oil in the backyard," he revealed. But the host of Food Network's show "Guy's Family Road Trip" made a major technical mistake that turned a cooking time into some kind of dangerous spectacle. He confessed, "I miscalculated the turkey to oil ratio and ended up making a small fireball!"

8. Halle Berry: Thrown Punches

Halle Berry: Thrown Punches
WENN/FayesVision/Judy Eddy

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry's split wasn't amicable and it was prolonged with custody battle over their daughter Nahla. Unfortunately, one of their bitter altercations took place on Thanksgiving morning in 2012. When Gabriel dropped off their daughter to celebrate the holiday with Halle and her then-husband Olivier Martinez, the two men got into a fistfight after the Canadian model allegedly attacked the "Unfaithful" actor. Gabriel suffered facial injuries and was booked for "a private person's arrest for battery". Fortunately, Olivier later dropped the criminal complaint against him.

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