The video takes viewers inside the stressful wedding preparation that almost derails Amber and Prince's official union first and foremost.

AceShowbiz - Amber Moore and Prince Richard's love story continues in "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding". Netflix has released the first trailer for the "A Christmas Prince" sequel that jumps forward to almost a year after Amber accepted the crown prince of Aldovia's proposal.

But Amber's journey to the altar isn't like a fairytale. While she gets to enjoy the luxurious treatment as royal bride-to-be, she struggles to adjust to the royal family norm that restricts her freedom and every move. Added with the overwhelming preparation for the wedding, it almost strains her relationship with Richard.

As seen in the video, Amber doesn't find the wedding dress chosen by a wedding planner comfortable. "It's like bridezilla in reverse," she describes the process. But it's when she's forced to give up any activities pertaining to her blog that she realizes she's becoming a person that is not herself. "I just always thought that my wedding would be about being with the person I love," Amber says. "I didn't realize it meant having to give up who I am."

Meanwhile, according to Netflix, Richard faces a "political crisis that threatens to tarnish not only the holiday season, but the future of the kingdom." The official synopsis for the movie additionally reads, "The wedding of the year is finally here! But will Amber and Richard make it past royal formalities and down the aisle?"

Still starring Rose McIver as Amber Moore, Ben Lamb as Prince Richard, Alice Krige as Queen Helena, Tahirah Sharif as Melissa, Honor Kneafsey as Princess Emily and Sarah Douglas as Mrs. Averill, the romantic comedy is set to be released on Netflix on November 30, just in time for the holiday season. John Schultz directs the film.

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