Pics: Kardashian Sisters Take Rob's Daughter Dream to 'Fairy Land' for Birthday Party

Guests at the fairy-themed birthday party include her cousins and aunties, while both of her parents are nowhere to be seen.

AceShowbiz - The child support battle between her parents won't stop Dream Kardashian from celebrating her birthday. The little girl, who turned two on November 10, was thrown a fairy-themed birthday party by her aunties at one of their residences.

In several photos shared by members of the famous clan on Instagram Stories, the house was decorated with a giant teepee covered in strands of green leaves, butterflies and pastel-colored balloons. They set up a table with several pillows around it underneath the teepee so that guests could relax. The decoration made it certainly look like a place which fairies usually hang out.

There was also a special wall which featured a multiple sets of wings. A sign above them read, "Grab young wings and fly," inviting all the little guests to wear the wings and transformed into fairies. The Kardashians surely went all out for the bash, as they also hired two women to play fairy godmothers and made the atmosphere feel even more magical.

Guests were treated to a massive number of sweets, including donuts, cookies, cake pops and upside down ice cream cones. They could also enjoy a light green cake with ruffled frosting. The plaque on the front read, "Happy Birthday, Dream."

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For the occasion, Dream dressed in a powder blue princess dress with floral headband which matched the blue-and-white decoration around the home. And as for her birthday gift, the daughter of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna got a sparkling blue Bentley.

Guests at the bash included her cousins as well as Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, the latter of whom shared a couple of pictures with the birthday girl on Instagram Stories. Meanwhile, both of her parents were nowhere to be seen, though Chyna has previously wished Dream a happy birthday.

Sharing a series of pictures of her daughter, the Lashed Bar owner wrote, "To my Dreamy, Today is your 2nd Birthday and one day when you are older you will read this and know how much I love and cherish you. I wish you the most fulfilling experiences on your journey, blessings that overflows on your hand and the courage to pursue your 'Dreams.' "

"As your mother, I hope happiness and peace will follow you every step of the way," she continued. "Happy Birthday to my beautiful and smart babygirl!!!! Love Mommy."

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