'Game of Thrones' Prequel Series to Add Two Actors for Key Roles
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A new report suggests that the HBO project is eyeing Sheila Atim and Denise Gough to join Naomi Watts on the highly-anticipated prequel series.

AceShowbiz - The upcoming "Game of Thrones" is starting to take shape. After casting Naomi Watts, it's reported that the HBO project is eyeing two more actors to be added into the growing cast.

Writer Jane Goldman and casting director Lucinda Syson allegedly are trying to get Sheila Atim and Denise Gough onboard for the highly-anticipated prequel series. The Hashtag Show reports that both of them haven't been "officially joined the series" as the negotiations are currently underway.

Atim previously starred in Adam Smethurt's adaptation of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night". The stage actress won an Olivier award and is a rising star in London's theatrical community. The site adds that if Atim signs on the contract, she will be playing one of at least 6 lead roles meant to be filled by people of color.

"Black Panther" star Letitia Wright allegedly was offered one of those roles but declined as she did not agree to terms with the studio.

Meanwhile, Gough recently appeared on U.K. thriller "Steel Country". According to the site, the Irish-born actress is assigned to a critical role, though nothing much is known about it.

The upcoming project is set to start its production in February. It will see Watts playing a lead character which is described as a "charismatic socialite hiding a dark secret."

In related news, it's reported that Martin is adding some more projects into his to-do list. As if developing five prequels to "Game of Thrones", an adaptation of Nnedi Okorafor's "Who Fears Death" and several series based on "Wild Cards", the author reveals to The Guardian that he's working on " couple of other shows for HBO that I can't talk about yet."

While he refuses to give details about the new projects, it's seemingly safe to assume that they would be another sci-fi and fantasy work.

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