Mena Suvari Finds It Nice to Be Able to Marry for Third Time
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The 'American Beauty' actress confirms at the Last Chance for Animals celebrity benefit that she has secretly wed her boyfriend of two years, Michael Hope, in a very intimate ceremony.

AceShowbiz - Mena Suvari has secretly wed her boyfriend of two years.

The actress opened up about becoming a wife for the third time after confirming she and Michael Hope had tied the knot during an appearance at the Last Chance for Animals celebrity benefit in Beverly Hills on Sunday, October 21.

"It's great. I'm really happy. We're happy," Mena told Us Weekly. "Third time's a charm!"

The "American Beauty" star didn't reveal too many details about the nuptials but told the publication the ceremony was "very intimate," adding, "It was very beautiful. I had my closest friends with me. It was very meaningful."

"After all these years, sort of having ups and downs, it's very nice just being settled, especially at this point in my life."

"Maybe (we'll) start a family," she beamed. "I have a few years left! We'll see... He's a really great guy. I got me a Canadian. Old school, really considerate, old-fashioned."

Suvari hasn't been the luckiest bride in the past - she was married to cinematographer Robert Brinkmann from 2000 to 2005, and she and concert promoter Simone Sestito ended their two-year marriage in 2012.

Mena started dating Hope after they met on the set of their 2016 TV movie, "I'll Be Home for Christmas". He was working in the art department on the project.

The actress previously gushed about having a great time on the set of the Hallmark Channel film, in which she starred with James Brolin, and she explained a lot of that had to do with her movie daughter Giselle Eisenberg.

Portraying a mum for the first time, Mena admitted she was a big fan of her young co-star.

"She's just absolutely fantastic, I'm so in love with her," Mena said. "She has such an amazing work ethic and she really ran the show. It was such a wonderful experience in the sense that I felt like I was just seeing someone that we're gonna be seeing for a really long time... I really admired the way that she worked... and I wish that I kind of knew what she knew at that age."

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