The visuals follows the story of a security guard, a food truck chef and an office janitor who all love to dance to the blues-rock jam.

AceShowbiz - Earlier this month, Paul McCartney shared some videos of three nightshift workers dancing to "Come on to Me". Now, all videos have been spliced into one clip which was released on Wednesday, October 17 by the former The Beatles star.

The visuals follows the story of a security guard, a food truck chef and an office janitor. Fred "Little Freddie" Maxwell plays the security guard who loves hijacking the in-store sound system at the department store. He is seen in the video goofily dancing to the blues-rock jam while roaming around the mall.

Meanwhile, Ali Almohri works at his family's food truck, hoping that one day the young woman he has a crush on will notice he's looking for more than just casual conversation. Almohri may not have a wide space to dance like Freddie, but he still shows off his best moves inside the food truck.

Last but not least, Elsa Morales is a cleaning lady who works two jobs to support her family whilst still managing to radiate good energy and be the epitome of positivity. Her character is definitely shone in her respective scenes, showing her excitedly dancing through an office building after the employees have gone home.

"Come on to Me" music video marks the acting debuts of the three, who were discovered by director TG Herrington.

McCartney now invites fans to join in the fun and film themselves dancing to "Come on to Me". Unlike other dance challenges, the guidelines for participating in the rocker's challenge are pretty board. Fans simply have to film dancing however and wherever to the song and post the videos to Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #COTMChallenge.

"Come on to Me" is one of the tracks off McCartney's new album "Egypt Station". It debuted atop Billboard 200 chart, marking his eighth No. 1 album as well as his first chart-topping set in 36 years since his 1982 effort "Tug of War".

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