Chrissy Teigen Thinks People Want to Have Threesome With Her and John Legend Because of This

During her appearance on 'Hot Ones', the mother of two says that she is delighted to learn that they are picked as the couple whom people want to have threesome with the most.

AceShowbiz - Chrissy Teigen opened up about a lot of things when she appeared in the Thursday, October 4 episode of web series "Hot Ones". While indulging on spicy chicken wings, the mother of three learned that she and John Legend were voted as the couple whom people wanted to have threesome with the most. How did she react to this?

"I love that!" she exclaimed, before hilariously adding while sucking on an ice cube, "Because it means we project this sexiness that we don't really have." Seemingly regretting her remark, she clarified, "We have it, but I think one of my questions yesterday was, 'How hard did you guys go at it after the EGOT?' I was like, 'Not hard.' "

During the episode, Chrissy also dished on her viral reaction at the 2018 Emmy Awards, admitting that she was trying to avoid making funny face at the time. "I don't know how to just clap, apparently. I don't know how to do it," the cookbook author said, confessing that she was just nervous when she noticed that the red light was on. "If the light didn't come on I don't think these faces would happen. I get really nervous," she shared.

Even though she successfully mastered the "Hot Ones" challenge, it came with a consequence. After filming the interview, Chrissy had to go the throat doctor and revealed that her eyebrows "have gone rogue," her tongue "is literally ripped" and "is too large" for her mouth.

Despite that, she said that she still had fun during the interview. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model tweeted, "It took me two weeks of CBD pills to tame the constant twitching of my eyebrows after 'da bomb' but I've never had a better interview. I love you guys."

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