Ashton Kutcher Grants Rumer Willis Ownership of L.A. Home

The 'No Strings Attached' actor has terminated his co-ownership of the property as wife Mila Kunis signed over all her rights to the actress daughter of Demi Moore.

AceShowbiz - Ashton Kutcher has severed his last financial tie to ex-wife Demi Moore and her kids after signing over his Hollywood Hills home to the actress' daughter, Rumer Willis.

He co-owned the pad with the 30 year old after snapping it up in 2009 for over $970,000 (GBP737,000).

According to documents filed on August 3 by Rumer, and obtained by The Blast, the co-ownership has been terminated.

Ashton filed a grant deed and handed Rumer his 50 per cent stake in the property. His wife Mila Kunis also filed a quitclaim deed and signed over all her rights to Willis as the house was technically her community property.

It's not clear if Rumer had to pay the Kutchers to get the home in full, but according to property records the pad was recently 'sold' for $572,500 (GBP435,000), suggesting Willis paid the fee to buy her former step-father's share.

Meanwhile, Kunis recently revealed her husband still has a very healthy relationship with Demi's three daughters, Rumer, Tallulah Willis, and Scout Willis.

In a candid podcast chat with comedian Marc Maron at the end of July, the actress said, "He loved those kids," the actress told Maron.

She also told actor Dax Shepard she wasn't the cause of her husband's split from Moore during an appearance on his Armchair Expert podcast, revealing even her mother bought into the bad press when she started dating her former "That 70s Show" castmate.

"He was coming off of a divorce," she said. "He was post, post, post, way post-divorce, but I think there was a lot of misconceptions about the divorce. And because he's very private, and respectful, he wasn't gonna go and say anything, so he kind of just let rumors be rumors, and so, people believe in the rumors..."

"People had a weird perception of who he was, based on (cheating) rumors that he didn't correct. We went into this relationship super transparent with one another, so we knew 100 per cent each other's faults, we knew exactly who we were... And we were like, 'I accept you for who you are.' "

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