Olivia Munn Is Fully Prepared for 'Predator' Casting Scandal Consequences
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The 'X-Men: Apocalypse' star risked everything by publicly talking about the ill-advised casting of Steven Wilder Striegel.

AceShowbiz - Actress Olivia Munn never worried about life after "The Predator" casting controversy, because she's financially prepared to walk away from Hollywood when her career is over.

The "X-Men: Apocalypse" star risked everything by publicly talking about the ill-advised casting of Steven Wilder Striegel, who served time behind bars for trying to coax a 14-year-old relative into a sexual relationship back in 2010.

Striegel landed a role in Munn's new movie, and after learning about his past, Munn brought the information to Twentieth Century Fox studio bosses' attention. They agreed to cut his scene with her from the finished film, which also stars Sterling K. Brown and Boyd Holbrook.

However, movie bosses also reprimanded Munn for trying to warn her co-stars about the drama, which was detailed in a Los Angeles Times article earlier this month, but she refused to let the scandal blow over.

Promoting the film on U.S. TV throughout this week, Olivia continued to talk about the drama - eventually earning the praise of the woman at the centre of Striegel's sex crime - even though film bosses urged her to stop bringing it up.

Olivia admits she never thought twice about going public, because her mother raised her to never let a job have a hold on her.

"That's one thing about me, it's part of who I am, how I've been since I was a little girl and how my mom raised me," she told U.S. chat show "The Talk". "I'm never afraid of that."

"From the very beginning, I don't spend way too much," she continued. "I live in a house I can afford. I'm not off taking crazy vacations and having an entourage. My mom always told me, 'Never get to a place where somebody has to hold a job over you.'

"They could take away everything and I would still have myself, my family, my home, so there's nothing to be afraid of."

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