Prince Harry 'Misses' Meghan Markle, According to His Body Language
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The 'self-comfort ritual', however, will have a rather opposite meaning should the Duke of Sussex do it differently.

AceShowbiz - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are pretty much attached at the hips after getting married back in May. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been attending multiple royal engagements together where they flaunt PDA. However, Harry recently had a solo trip to the Royal Marines Commando Training Center in Lympstone, and he seemingly let it visibly for others that he had his wife on mind.

The visit marked the first visit by Harry, who used to be in the British Army and went on two tours to Afghanistan, in his official role as Captain General Royal Marines. It was reported that during the visit, the Duke could be seen fiddling with his wedding ring.

The act apparently had a deep, sweet meaning, according to body language expert Judy James. "Men are often seen fiddling with their wedding rings," James says, adding that the Queen's grandson is missing his wife.

"In Harry's case this looks like a self-comfort ritual performed for two reasons, when he's feeling under pressure or lonely," she continues explaining. "Firstly it allows him to create a barrier with his arms but by seeking out his wedding ring to touch and play with it suggests he's missing the back-up and support of his wife here."

James adds that the gesture will have a rather opposite meaning should Harry do it differently. "The ritual would take on a different meaning if the ring were being pulled up and down the finger or even on and off when it would be much more likely to signal a rift or potential divorce!" she shares.

Harry and Meghan reportedly are eager to start their own family as he is having the best time of his life" while Meghan tries to conceive with the help of a practical app. "Meghan and Harry are enjoying non-stop baby-making sex at all hours of the day," a source previously revealed. "Meghan has an app on her phone that tracks of her fertility, so when she is most likely to conceive, her and Harry make the most of their time together."

It was said that the newlyweds were having sex "in the mornings, afternoons and at night" with a baby being the goal. "Harry is not complaining at all," the source noted.

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