Selena Gomez Accused of Getting Breast Implants After Posting These Pics - See the Difference
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The 'Monte Carlo' star's ample bosom is so prominent in the newly-shared Instagram photos, prompting speculation that she recently went under the knife.

AceShowbiz - The most-followed celebrity on Instagram, Selena Gomez recently updated her account with new sexy pictures of hers. Apparently taken during her casual outing, the photos show the 26-year-old singer/actress holding a drink in her hand and taking a sip of it.

While the former Disney darling left the post captionless, many of her followers pointed out at her ample assets. The "Come & Get It" songstress was wearing a black tube top in those photos, showing off her generous cleavage.

Adding that to the fact that Selena has relatively stayed out of the spotlight lately, some people quickly jumped to conclusions that the raven beauty had gone under the knife to enhance her look. "Plastic surgery," one simply commented on the post.

Another accused Selena, "So that's where she's been. Recovering from a boob job." A confused follower asked, "Is she pregnant??? Or did she made a boob job? I mean no ones push up bra make this!"

"No...... why??? U dont need that boobs ur beautiful in so many ways already. The implant not pretty," one other commented. Someone else wrote, "If real .her boobs hv grown so damn much," while Amy Schumer even chimed in with, "Oh ok!"

But someone believes that Selena's huge breasts are all natural. "Is only push up -_- The dress duhh," the said internet user tried to explain.

Selena herself has not responded to the accusations. She previously showed off her new tattoos to celebrate her best friend's birthday. On August 19, she shared pictures of her and her friends hitting a tattoo parlor to get number four tattooed on various parts of their body. Selena opted to ink the number inside of her right arm.

In another snap, she pulled up her shirt to reveal number one tattoo on her ribcage, matching her friend Courtney Barry's tattoo. She took the picture with her "actual number one" Courtney, who was celebrating her 26th birthday on that weekend.

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