Danny Boyle May Have Revealed His Real Reason for Exiting 'Bond 25'

Previous reports suggest that the director quits because he is upset over plans about killing the titular character in the upcoming movie.

AceShowbiz - Filmmaker Danny Boyle knew he'd struggle to make a Bond movie, because he's such a fan on Ian Fleming's 007 books.

The "Trainspotting" director has yet to reveal why he quit the latest Bond movie, but in a new Radio Times interview, conducted before he walked away from the project, he admits his love of the stories on paper would interfere with his moviemaking plans.

"The books were everything to me when I was a kid," he said. "I read them multiple times. Like everyone else, I saw the films, but I'd already read the books so I had a different relationship with the characters.

"I think it'd be impossible for a Bond aficionado to write or direct a Bond film. You'd be hampered by how much you knew. They want you to bring a freshness to it."

Danny quit the film last month due to creative differences with longtime Bond producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, and insiders claim he was upset about plans to kill off the superspy.

"There were discussions about killing off Bond in dramatic fashion at the end," the source said. "It would also leave it open for a twist in the next instalment. There were (also) clashes over budget."

His decision to exit the project was announced on the movie's official Twitter page.

The post read: ''Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig today announced that due to creative differences Danny Boyle has decided to no longer direct Bond 25."

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