Corin Hardy Convinced Ghost Soldiers Haunt 'The Nun' Set

The filmmaker initially thinks the ghosts are a group of extras whom he assumes are quietly watching what is happening on the set.

AceShowbiz - Moviemaker Corin Hardy is convinced the ghosts of dead soldiers haunted the set of his creepy new movie The Nun.

The director shot part of the film in an ancient Romanian fort and had an eerie encounter with spooks on the set while filming a scene with his leading lady Taissa Farmiga.

Corin walked into a tunnel, where the camera was set up to film a pivotal scene, and greeted a group of extras who he assumed were quietly watching what was going on. Minutes later he realised he was the only one there.

"It was a genuine supernatural experience," he tells WENN. "We were shooting the scene where (character) Sister Irene is making her way to the door where something is maybe lurking behind it and she's trying to get away and we're doing this complex camera moment and we're tracking a 200-foot real tunnel and it's underground. It's as authentic as you can get.

"While we were filming, the DOP (director of photography) was rigging up this tracking shot in this 200-foot corridor and I'm in a black sealed room. As I went into the room I saw what I thought were Romanian crew members sitting in the darkness. I said, 'Hey, how you doing?'

"I was watching the monitor and it was about a half-hour trying to get this tracking shot right and it was quite frustrating. I'm in this pitch black room and when we finally got it I turn around and go, 'Did you see that?' I turned around and looked over my shoulder and there was no one there! There had never been anyone in the room. There couldn't have been, because the only way out was the door next to me.

"It made sense because we were in this old Romanian fortress that had a lot of death in it. I was in the middle of making the film so I couldn't stop and say, 'Hey, wait, I've just met some ghosts'. It was only later that I could tell everyone that we had some visitors checking out what we were filming."

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