Demian Bichir Refuses to Watch His Own Movie 'The Nun'
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The actor admits he was so terrified while making the horror movie and won't watch the finished version of the film.

AceShowbiz - Actor Demian Bichir was so terrified while making new horror movie "The Nun" he refused to watch the finished version of the film.

The "Hateful Eight" star admits he wasn't a big fan of scary movies when he signed on for director Corn Hardy's new project, and made it clear he wouldn't be watching it in a cinema.

"I told the producers and everyone else from day one that if watching this is a requirement then I'm out," he tells WENN. "I'm not a big fan of horror films and I just can't pay to be scared. I am that cry baby and it makes me mad that I get so easily scared, so I try to avoid that.

"I only saw a rough cut, so I can only imagine what it is now."

Castmate Taissa Farmiga has seen the film - but she insisted on watching it with all the lights on in a screening room.

"I needed a pre-screening with all the lights on and my boyfriend comforting me because I would not be able to contain myself at the premiere," she explains.

"So I had the pre-screening and I watched it with my thumbs in the ears and my hands over my eyes. It was the only way to get through it. I am excited for the premiere because I'll get to see the final cut with all the music. I'm going to stare at the screen and try to keep my eyes open!"

"The Nun" opens in America on September 7.

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