Nev Schulman Got Shingles Due to Stress From Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The former 'Catfish' contestant Ayissha Morgan accused him of relentlessly hitting on her and questioning her sexuality when they shot her episode in 2015.

AceShowbiz - Catfish: The TV Show host Nev Schulman was struck down with shingles after being accused of sexual misconduct.

Nev, who helped popularise the term "catfishing" after he fell in love online with someone using a fake identity, investigates Internet romances on the popular MTV show with filmmaker Max Joseph.

In May, former Catfish contestant Ayissha Morgan accused the 33-year-old of relentlessly hitting on her and questioning her sexuality when they shot her episode in 2015, allegations which Nev denied.

Filming was halted in the wake of the claims but resumed when an investigation concluded the accusations were not credible - though the experience still took a toll on Nev's health and wellbeing.

"I was so stressed and I was so out of control and desperately trying to get it into my control that I actually got shingles," he recalled to People of being diagnosed with the viral disease which is characterised by a painful skin rash. "Most people get it around their chest or ribs. I got it on my head.

"It's been a really meaningful, eye-opening, emotional and physical experience".

Openly gay Ayissha made her claims in a YouTube video, where she also said Nev propositioned her for sex.

Upon learning of the clip, the TV personality quickly alerted MTV bosses. Programme makers took immediate action and suspended Nev while they investigated the accusations, a move that "frustrated" the host.

"In the moment I was very frustrated and I was confused. (I thought), 'Why aren't they communicating with me? Why are they suspending the show when there's never been a complaint like this before?'" he sighed. "I was waiting, counting the seconds for them to say, 'Hey it's all good, Nev's not a creep.' I wanted them to do it sooner, but what I wasn't thinking was the bigger picture and moving forward with the show.

"Now, looking back, they did a great job".

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