SZA Lost a Job Because of Pot Brownies

The 'Weekend' singer reveals she was once fired after unknowingly wolfing down two pot brownies.

AceShowbiz - R&B star SZA was once fired from a retail job after unknowingly wolfing down two pot brownies.

The Weekend singer, 27, shared her funny tale in a series of Twitter posts on Sunday, August 26, after revealing how she had previously worked at stores like True Religion, Sephora, H&M, and Abercrombie.

She also detailed one brief stint at clothing company Diesel, where her employment had been abruptly terminated following a bad reaction to marijuana-laced brownies.

Calling the incident a "weed brownie conspiracy", SZA explained how her colleague had failed to warn her about the extra special ingredient after bringing the baked treats into work - and she ended up finding out the hard way.

"I walk into work and shorty has a full container of brownies she brought from home. Fresh hot .. seems normal," the star began.

"She opens em in the break room and everybody starts crowding like ooooo aaahhh . She DONT SAY NUFFIN BOUT NO DRUGS (sic)".

"Everybody takes one... mind u I'm new here ..nobody's eating the whole thing but MY hungry a** eats TWO like mmmm ya free BREAKFASS (sic)!!..30 mins pass," SZA continued.

"I start to sweat .. I'm looking at n**gas across the sales floor they laughing and s**t.. I'm like wow I gotta boo boo (use the bathroom) I'm nauseous... mind u I ain't even KNOW...10 more mins pass (sic)".

"Long story short I'm the only one coming out of their actual skin looking like I ATE meth (sic)," the musician quipped, revealing she was promptly hauled into the manager's office.

"I don't know why this is happening," SZA shared. "I tell her I need a doctor. She fires me . I spend the rest of the day in a Mexican restaurant searching for answers #SETUP".

Luckily for SZA, who has become known for her love of marijuana, she managed to find a new career path, picking up four Grammy Award nominations for her 2017 debut album, Ctrl.

She also recently celebrated smashing the two billion streams milestone for her music.

"Today I found out we 2.3 billion streams deep and a bunch a other cool stuff," SZA wrote on Instagram last week, ends August 24. "I love my family. I love you all for pressing play at any time. Thank you for this journey... Thank you God for this existence. Amen."

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