Demi Lovato's Drug Dealer Reportedly Claims They Dated in the Past

However, the drug dealer, whose name is Brandon Johnson, allegedly denies 'dealing' the singer's drugs.

AceShowbiz - Shocking new details about Demi Lovato's alleged drug dealer, Brandon Johnson, have been revealed online. Rumor has it, the man claimed to his friends that he and the singer had a "romantic relationship" in the past, but sources said otherwise.

According to TMZ, Johnson was also no stranger to law enforcement. Back in March, he was arrested after police found him in possession of a cache of drugs and guns. He was also arrested in June on suspicion of driving under influence and cocaine possession.

The gossip site noted that Johnson was the same man whom Demi texted to come to her Hollywood Hills home on July 24. The two "freebased Oxycodone on tin foil" once he arrived. She reportedly began breathing very heavily after she went to bed. He took notice and immediately fled her home.

Despite the report, Johnson allegedly denied "dealing" her drugs.

Demi herself is currently receiving treatment in a rehab facility after spending a week in Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. It is said that the "Camp Rock" star wants a program that will push her to the limits to make sure she changes her way.

"This is not her first rodeo. She doesn't want to feel like things are being handed to her. For Demi, this is a strength test," a source tells Us Weekly. "The rehab she is in is much more drill sergeant-esque. It's not nurturing. At places like Promises, you live on the beach and go horseback riding. That's not what Demi needs to put her in check."

Demi allegedly will stay at the facility for several months. Previous report suggested that the "Instruction" singer "is doing much better" both mentally and physically. A source said at the time, "She hopes to make a full recovery and be able to do one thing that she loves: music."

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