Cate Blanchett Opens Up About Turning 50
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The Oscar-winning actress will celebrate her 50th birthday in May 2019.

AceShowbiz - Cate Blanchett isn't fussed about turning 50 next year.

The Oscar-winning actress will celebrate her 50th birthday in May 2019, and though she has admitted that she will consider the milestone in a personal sense, she is adamant that her age will have no bearing on her future movie roles.

"I think about it on an existential level, sure, but on a career level, I refuse," the "Ocean's 8" star insisted in a cover interview for Harper's Bazaar. "It's important to keep karate-chopping those doors down and creating new opportunities not just for yourself, but also for those who are coming up behind you.

"I'm not panicking on a work level," she added. "It's more that there are so many lives I want to live."

Cate has become one of the most acclaimed stars in Hollywood thanks to a number of impressive screen performances, such as her role as actress Katharine Hepburn in "The Aviator" and her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I, whom she played twice - once in "Elizabeth", and again in "Elizabeth: The Golden Age".

And having enjoyed a hugely successful career spanning decades, the Australian star wishes she had more confidence when she was younger.

"You're so vulnerable to other people's interpretations and impressions of what you should look like," Cate considered in a previous interview with InStyle U.S. "And I'd say 'f**k that' a bit more. And that's where women can step in and really champion different types of beauty and working (with) what you've got. Everyone's starting to look the same and talk the same, it's only interesting when we're all (different) - it's the melting pot, right?

"I'd worry about it less," she affirmed.

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