Lisa Marie Presley Was 'Too Shy' To Sing With Her Dad Elvis

The singer talks about her duet with her late father on song 'Where No One Stands' on 'Lorraine'.

AceShowbiz - Lisa Marie Presley was "too shy" to sing with her famous father when she was younger.

On British morning show "Lorraine", the singer, and only child of Elvis Presley, discussed her duet with her late father on song "Where No One Stands" Alone, the title track from a new compilation album, inspired by the late rock and roll legend's love of gospel music.

Lisa was just nine years old when Elvis died in 1977, and in an interview with Lorraine's Ross King, the 50-year-old admitted that she was often "too shy" to sing with the musical icon when he was alive.

"No I didn't sing with him. He had this habit of putting me on a table in front of everyone and saying, 'Sing something'. Sometimes I did and sometimes I was too shy," she responded when asked whether she used to sing with the "Blue Suede Shoes" hitmaker.

Despite losing her father at a young age, Lisa also revealed that she has often relied on her memories of him to get her through difficult times.

"I wouldn't say I talk to (him), I just remember everything and all the... I can just sort of pull out of the files whatever memory I have and stuff like that and occasionally ask for help... which was the case with this record," she explained. "I felt like a hand came down to me. It felt like that a little bit."

The mother of four is currently in the midst of an alleged financial crisis including a lawsuit with her former manager, Barry Siegel, who she has accused of mismanaging her $100 million (£78.3 million) fortune, and a bitter divorce and custody battle with her estranged husband of 10 years Michael Lockwood, with who she shares twin daughters, Finley and Harper, nine.

And she admitted the musical project had come along at the right time.

"My head is so far up my own rear with problems and situations that I needed to get it out of there long enough to do something productive," she sighed. "(It's) time to have something good happen now and it was, and it is, and it feels like a hand came out or down and that's really been moving."

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