Ruby Rose Was Destined To Play Batwoman

The 'Orange is the New Black' star reveals that her mom got a little Batman logo tattoo when she was in her 20s, adding that she had pet bats growing up.

AceShowbiz - Actress Ruby Rose is convinced she was destined to play Batwoman onscreen after developing an affinity for bats as a child.

The Orange is the New Black star was unveiled as TV's new superhero earlier this week, begs August 06, and she will make her first appearance as the character, a lesbian also known as Kate Kane, during The CW network's annual DC 'Arrowverse' crossover TV event in December, before fronting her own standalone series.

Ruby is still in disbelief about scoring the big gig, but looking back on her past, she believes her mother, Katia Langenheim, may have foreshadowed her daughter's screen role decades ago.

"My mum got a little Batman logo tattoo when she was in her 20s, because she actually had pet bats growing up... and would sort of nurse them back to health," the actress told morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Her mother went on to share her love for the winged mammals with Ruby when she was a kid.

"I also... used to make my toys, because we didn't have a lot of money, so I made batwings out of cardboard and would... tape them together," she recalled. "I would sleep in them, I would walk around in them, I would jump off things and jump onto her (her mum) with these batwings that I had for months, until they disintegrated and were disgusting and she threw them away".

Ruby, who came out as lesbian at the age of 12 and identifies as gender fluid, recently confessed she has been "spontaneously crying" at the thought of playing Batwoman, because she also knows how significant her casting is for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community.

"I get to be Batwoman. I feel like the reason I kept getting so emotional was because growing up watching TV, I never saw someone on TV that I could identify with, let alone a superhero," she shared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The DC Comics character has previously been voiced in animated films by Kyra Sedgwick in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman in 2003, and Yvonne Strahovski in Batman: Bad Blood in 2016, while Vanessa Marshall gave the superhero life in an episode of the cartoon Batman: The Brave and the Bold in 2010.

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