Ruby Rose Reveals She Almost Drowned While Filming 'The Meg'
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The 'Batwoman' actress shares on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan' that she would just sink because her shoes, which had little holes, filled up with water.

AceShowbiz - Actress Ruby Rose almost drowned while filming underwater scenes for new shark movie "The Meg" because her "cool" shoes kept pulling her under.

The "John Wick: Chapter 2" star portrays a marine biologist in Jason Statham's new sci-fi/fantasy thriller, but Ruby admits she had a close call during one rescue scene - and it's all because of her choice of footwear.

"I had chosen these shoes with little holes in them, 'cause I thought it looked cool," the Australian recalled on morning show "Live" with Kelly and Ryan. "So every time I was vertical (underwater), I would just sink because my shoes filled up with water, and I'm trying to get back on the boat..."

It didn't help that Ruby chose to stay in character during the desperate scene as she thought it "could be a great take" - so filmmaker Jon Turteltaub was completely unaware that she was actually struggling to stay afloat in the giant tank.

"I'm screaming, like, 'Help! Help!' and doing the whole drowning thing (for the cameras) and the director just thought I was doing an amazing job and didn't wanna cut!" she smiled.

It was only when Ruby started to really get pulled deep under the surface that divers had to be sent in to help.

"I literally had my last (shot), trying to hold on (to the boat), and then I just sunk," she chuckled. "I drank a lot of that tank water... Then the divers helped me up and I got back on the boat and spewed (threw) up!"

"The Meg", which also stars Rainn Wilson, opens in the U.S. this week (August 10).

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