Directed by Andrew Donoho, the visuals continues the storyline from 'Jumpsuit' and 'Nico and the Niners' music videos.

AceShowbiz - Twenty One Pilots concludes an eerie trilogy with their music video for new song "Levitate". Released on Wednesday, August 8, the Andrew Donoho-directed visuals continues the storyline from "Jumpsuit" and "Nico and the Niners" music videos.

It opens with Tyler Joseph walking around the city of Dema with the banditos, before they enter the organization's camp where the singer has his head shaved. The camera then pans to Josh Dun, who pounds his drum as some members of the group dance and gather around a bonfire.

"Oh, I know how to levitate up off my feet/ And ever since the seventh grade I learned to fire-breathe/ And though I feed on things that fell/ You can learn to levitate with just a little help," Tyler sings as marches along with his fellow companions, who wear yellow-striped gear and face-covering bandanas.

The end of the music video finds Tyler being snatched from the camp by an unseen figure dressed in red coat. Some of his friends who witness the scene appears to be confused, while one man sitting around the bonfire mouths the words, "Welcome to trench."

"Levitate" is the third single off the band's upcoming fifth album "Trench", which will be released on October 5. The project will document the life of Clancy, who lives in a walled city called Dema. The city is ruled by nine bishops who work to keep the inhabitants of Dema inside its wall. With the guidance of a group called banditos, Clancy eventually escapes.

The dynamic duo recently released the track list for the project. Besides the previously released songs, the album will feature other 11 tracks including "My Blood", "Pet Cheetah" and "Cut My Lip". In addition, they will embark on a world tour in support of the effort. It will kick off on October 11 in Nashville and run though March 17, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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