Duncan Jones to Helm 'Killer Intent' TV Series

The new project will mark the 'Warcraft' director's first TV series.

AceShowbiz - Filmmaker Duncan Jones is to direct his first TV series after signing on to lead an adaptation of Tony Kent's novel "Killer Intent".

The "Warcraft" director, who is the late David Bowie's son, will also executive produce the series, about a top intelligence agent, who joins forces with a CNN reporter to thwart an assassination attempt.

Kent is now adapting his novel for the small screen and Jones can't wait to get started on the project.

"Tony's writing style is already so cinematic, working with him and a room of writers to adapt his first book will be a thrill," he says. "I'm excited to get my teeth into some contemporary set action, and have time to develop characters over a series rather than a single film."

Jones is also working on a film adaptation of the comic book series "Rogue Trooper".

He teased his plans for the sci-fi movie in a Twitter post last month, when he shared a video, in which he questioned what kind of project he should take on next.

"One for them or one for me? Studio or wee (small) indie?" he asks in the voiceover, as Jones features onscreen with his back to the camera, staring at a series of monitors on his desk.

"Shall I make a comic book movie, a Marvel film, perhaps DC? Image, or Dark Horse maybe?" he continued.

Jones then appeared to settle on the subject matter, adding, "Yes, one from the Megaverse, now let me see. Who, oh, who, should it be?," before pulling off his hat to reveal a blue mohawk - a nod to the hairstyle modelled by the Rogue Trooper character in the 2000 AD comic strips.

The screen then faded to black as a message appeared, reading: "If that's not enough of a clue..."

"Rogue Trooper", co-created in the 1980s by Watchmen's Dave Gibbons and Gerry Finley-Day, focuses on a genetically-created super soldier with blue skin and a mohawk, who joins forces with a trio of comrades to hunt down their nemesis, the Traitor General. The character's story line has previously been turned into various video games, but has yet to make it to the big screen.

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