Seth Rogen Once Turned Down Basketball Date With Kanye West
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Seth was forced to turn the dream-like opportunity because of this reason.

AceShowbiz - Seth Rogen blew off a basketball shoot around with Kanye West because he was too drunk to dunk.

The funnyman reveals he was still recovering from a night out with friends when the rapper invited him out to play.

"About 12 years ago my house was right round the corner from a personal trainer who trains famous people, and he trained Kanye West," Seth tells Rolling Stone. "One morning I was leaving my house and Kanye West jogged by me and said, 'You're a funny motherf**ker!'"

Two weeks later, Kanye decided Rogen would be the perfect addition to a basketball game, and he came round to personally invite the comedian to join him.

Seth heard his wife answer a call on the intercom system, and he heard her say, "Kanye who?".

"I was like, 'Oh no! It's Kanye West!' And I ran downstairs, and he was literally standing downstairs with a basketball under his arm and was like, 'You wanna come play?' - like he was just a kid in the neighbourhood.

"I was like, 'Dude, I'm so hungover. I can't do this'."

There was no second invite, but Seth admits he has run into the rapper "periodically" over the years, adding, "I love Kanye West."

That's not the only celebrity revelation Seth has made in recent days - he also confirmed reports he introduced Tom Cruise to Internet porn.

Director Judd Apatow recently told the tale during an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" in America, and Rogen recalled his time with Tom in a subsequent interview with Vulture.

"It was, like, 12 years ago or something like that," Seth said. "I think generally my reaction was, 'You are a very sheltered man'."

According to Apatow, he met with Cruise while he was filming Knocked Up in 2006, and took his leading man with him.

"I don't know how it came up, but it usually comes up with Seth, where he starts talking about marijuana and pornography... and he starts talking about watching adult films on the Internet," the filmmaker told Colbert.

"And Tom Cruise goes, 'What? Wait, you're saying there's adult films on the Internet?' And Seth's like, 'Yeah, there's all these movies on all these websites!' Tom Cruise is like, 'Wait a second, you're saying if I like go on the computer, on the World Wide Web... there's people having sex?'

"Seth said, 'Everybody does it, it's not a big deal anymore'."

The funnyman also told Vulture all about the time he visited Cruise at his home, met his infant daughter, Suri, and urinated in a bottle outside.

"It was right when the baby was born, and no one had seen a picture of it yet," Rogen chuckled. "So, literally there was a debate whether or not she was real.

"That day in Tom Cruise's driveway, I got to his house, and I had to pee so bad. I very vividly remember this. He has a very long, winding driveway, and I didn't want to show up at his house and just pee right away, because I thought it would be an awkward thing, so, as I was driving up his driveway, I stopped halfway through it and peed in a Snapple bottle I had in my car."

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